Behind the scenes

NDA is a bitch

Sometimes NDA is a necessary evil, but it’s always a pity when it comes to an interesting and complex project.

This is a very recent example of how much work may be hidden behind a classified project, available to a rather small amount of people, though in the end it affects millions.

So, purely hypothetical, let’s say your company launches rockets into space, and all your employees must have constantly updated information, be aware of the political situation and manage projects they’re involved in. Sometimes you may even give direct reports to the president of your country. So, what’s next?

Lots of Concepting &
UX/UI planning

Employees should be able to not just interact with each other on different levels, but also fully control a project, assign tasks, read documents related to a project, task or milestone. Plus a few more options I can’t talk about...

All of these requires careful UX/UI design, a lot of concepts, dark chocolate, tea and long walks.

And even more designs
for iOS and Android

Since having prototypes is not enough, separate iOS and Android app designs must be made, utilizing all the platform specifics.

Here comes the time when perfectionism and precision comes into play. And music. And lots of ditched design versions.

While satisfaction from completing such projects is still heavily kicking in, I wish I could show and describe those for real...